Our Mission

Mission Statement:

The Hebron Baptist Association exists to equip its churches in fulfilling the Great Commission by offering support and resources for worship, discipleship, fellowship, ministry, and evangelism.



Core Values:

Doctrine – Biblical values and principles

Belief – Faithful purpose to God’s grace

Prayer – Communication with God

Bible – God’s holy, infallible, inerrant Word

Church – Body of baptized believers

Ministry – Loving service to people

Worship – Exalting God

Missions – Expanding the Kingdom of God

Evangelism – Sharing Jesus

Leadership – Spirit-led Servants

Discipleship – Growing in God



Vision Statement:

The vision of the Hebron Baptist Association is to become a family of healthy ministering and

discipling congregations actively cooperating to reach our community and our world through church revitalization, evangelism, church planting, and mission involvement by the year 2015.


Health and Nurture of Churches

Goal: Openly address challenges to church growth –Sunday school, worship attendance, stewardship, apathy, indifference to growth


Evangelism Emphasis

Goal: Reach out to all people in the churches’ communities with the Gospel


Building Leadership

Goal: Leadership training to ministers, deacons, and lay leaders


Restructure/Resource Development of the Association

Goal: Develop a more effective association (Develop teams, younger participants, increase church involvement, develop accountability) Speakers bureau to promote and inform about the Association


Opportunities for Mission Involvement

Goal: Give all churches the opportunities and resources to participate in local, national, and international mission projects


New Church Starts

Goal: Start new churches and evaluate health of existing churches in geographically critical-need areas